Monday, April 26, 2010

Dawn Wind Foundation Morgans

We can now say we are 100% foundation, with all of our Morgans. That was a milestone for us as we got off track for a few years. Its easy to do when you fall in love with an animal that serves your purpose but still happens to have some non-foundation outcrosses. As to the established definition of Foundation Morgan, please check . It says it better than I. And for those who love their non-foundation Morgans, I certainly can empathize with you. A good individual can come in any type, breed or bloodline. Our goal is to help preserve the old lines so that is what we concentrate on. To each his own bliss!!

This month on the farm has been busy. Coming out of a typical wet Oregon winter, we are behind and running full speed to catch up. The horses are shedding out, foaling is getting closer, and riding colts will begin before long. Besides that, we have typical farm chores that include the grass-fed cattle and grass rotation.

Our stallion, Braveheart of Timespast, is leaving May 1st for Pritchard, West Virginia. He will be leased by Gary Napier, to be crossed on Gary's good mares. We spent the last month getting mares covered here in expectation of Braveheart leaving. He has produced so well for us, from mares of varying bloodlines; foundation of course. Because Braveheart graduated from semen collection academy last fall, gary can ship fresh-cooled semen to all parts of the nation as well. We look forward to hearing great things about that good stallion. And we will always be indebted to the Amicks, of Timespast Morgans, for letting us acquire Braveheart in the first place.